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Customize Formula Data

Data inputs generate formula values, which are fully customizable as needed. Here is a quick summary of how data entry flows through the model.

It's important to note, formula values do not have to be customized at all. In fact, if you're happy with the linearish formula values you don't even have to go to these light green "Output Tabs" as the formula values will flow right to the "Financial Reports".

However, these linearish formula values are also fully customizable on the light green "Output Tabs". These tabs correspond to their "Input Tabs".

When or why would customize?

  • Let's say for example that you expect $2,000 a month of rent grown at 3%

  • At the start of year 3 you want to renovate and expect to generate $3,000 a month in rent, which will then grow at the same 3%.

  • However, to do this at the start of year 3 you will not be able to generate any rent as the renovations take place.

  • On the "Inflows" tab simply override the formula and enter $0 for the first month of year 3 and then enter $3,000 in the second month.

  • The model will then automatically update the formula values moving forward with the new $3,000 value grown at 3%.

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