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Fast, Comprehensive Analysis: Consolidate Key Data

When making the buy decision on the property, the data to make that decision can be overwhelming: what metrics to look at, the ideal parameters for those metrics, and what time frames should you be looking at.

The REIF Model details the following metrics and data:

  • Investment Return: IRR, ROI, Cash on Cash, Cash Multiple, Yield Ex-Leverage, Cash Flow Breakeven Years

  • Property Valuation: Cap Rate, P/E, Annual/Monthly Rental Revenue, Discounted Cash Flow (NPV), Comps

  • Debt Ratios: Debt Coverage, Loan to Value

  • Opportunity Cost: Compare Investment vs Alternative Rate of Return

  • Financial Statements: Cash Flow, Property Value, Total Value, Equity %

  • Capital Stack: Equity Investment vs Financing

  • Profit Margins: EBITDA, Operating, Net

That is a lot of metrics and data to consider when making you're decision. Further, you have to analyze when each metric is indicating a great, good, average, poor, or awful investment. And then decide the ideal time frames to look at. How do you do so quickly and efficiently to make your investment decision?

  1. Focus on a few key metrics, perhaps one or two from each category above

  2. Decide on what your minimum threshold for investment is for each metric and make that your average case scenario

  3. View those metrics over a time period and focus on one key year or average of years

The Premium REIF Model makes it easy to do 1, 2, and 3 through the Key Data Summary (sample download below):

  1. Includes all metrics listed, broken out by category

  2. Data visualization through conditional formatting: input target metric hurdles that creates color changing cells based on the output values to identify if those metrics are great, good, average, poor, or awful

    1. Example: Great rate of return > 30% = highlighted green; Awful rate of return < 10% = highlighted red; Average rate of return = 15% to 25% = no formatting changes (black font color)

  3. Layout those data visualized metrics over 6 key years with the option to focus on one year or an average of years

This consolidated, data visualization approach allows for fast, comprehensive analysis and when combined with easy data-entry allows you to make a sound investment decision in 15-minutes.

Key Data Summary Update 2
Download PDF • 187KB

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