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Help While You Model Build: Notes, Data Restrictions, Dynamic Inputs

REIF has set up various items in the model to assist you as you build it out...

Notes: When you scroll over the cell with a red triangle in the top right corner a "note" pops to help explain what the cell does, what data to enter, and how it will filter through the model.

Data Restrictions = Error Proof Data: No need to worry about improper data entry (e.g., a positive value instead of a negative) as REIF contains built in data validation to keep you on the right track. If you try and enter the wrong type of value into the cell, it will be rejected and the model stays intact.

Dynamic Inputs = Adjusting Data Entry = Avoiding Confusion: Cell titles adjust and unused cells are blacked out based on the options you select to remove any confusion on where or what data you’re supposed to enter. Example: Fixed Rate Mortgage doesn't need the Adjustable Rate Fixed Years, but an ARM does and as such Adjustable Rate Fixed Years will be present for the ARM and absent for the Fixed Rate Mortgage.

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