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REIF Metrics and Reports

REIF provides diverse metrics to evaluate whether the investment meets your parameters:

  • Investment Return: IRR, ROI, Cash on Cash, Cash Multiple, Yield Ex-Leverage, Cash Flow Breakeven Years

  • Property Valuation: Cap Rate, P/E, Annual/Monthly Rental Revenue, Discounted Cash Flow (NPV), Comps

  • Debt Ratios: Debt Coverage, Loan to Value

  • Opportunity Cost: Compare Investment vs Alternative Rate of Return

  • Financial Statements: Cash Flow, Property Value, Total Value, Equity %

  • Capital Stack: Equity Investment vs Financing

  • Profit Margins: EBITDA, Operating, Net

These metrics are detailed in various reports, which are designed to provide a clear understanding of your investment. There are 2 different types of reports in the REIF Model - Main and Secondary - represented by 2 different colors:

The Main and Secondary reports combined generate 10 reports in the REIF Model:

You can find PDF samples of each report report here: scroll down to "REIF Reports" (second panel) and then click the report name to view the PDF.

Lastly, depending on the type of model purchased you will access to different reports, which are listed below or here for more detail.

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