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Visualize Data Through Target Metrics and Conditional Formatting

REIF creates data visualization through color changing cells (i.e. conditional formatting) based on the value outputs relative to target metrics. This generates visual reports to analyze your property quickly and accurately.

To adjust your formatting, go to the "Settings" tab under "Target Metrics: Conditional Formatting" to set "Neutral" and "1 Point" values for Target Metrics. Input target metric hurdles that will create color changing cells based on the output values to identify if those metrics are great, good, average, poor, or awful.

  • Neutral = value that would generate an average outcome (e.g. target bogey)

  • 1 Point = amount from "Neutral" in order to generate a positive or negative outcome

Return Example: Neutral = 20% | 1 Point = 5%

  • Great > 30% = Green Highlighted

  • Good > 25% = Green Bold

  • Average = 15% to 20% = No Change to Formatting (Black)

  • Poor < 15% = Red Bold

  • Awful < 10% = Red Highlighted

As you adjust these Target Metric settings and/or change your data inputs, so will the colors of the cell values.

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