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Find Model Help

If you have questions on how to use the REIF Model or having issues figuring out how to generate the output you want, here is a list of places to get answers:

  • Alphabetical list of all "Model How To" blog posts with a short description

"How To" Tab in the Model

  • Walkthrough of how to use the model, how the it flows, color coded tabs and what each input tab does, color coded cells, data restrictions/locked cells, reports details, and more

  • FAQ about the model, how to use it, and Excel in general

  • Use the "Search" on the top right to try and find your solution

Model Notes

  • When you scroll over the cell with a red triangle in the top right corner a "note" pops to help explain what the cell does and what to do

  • If you can't find your answer, send us an email and we will help best we can

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