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Model How To: Table of Contents

Below is an alphabetical list of all "Model How To" blog posts with a short description:

  • Color Coded - Tabs and Cells: REIF Model color codes the tabs and cells to easily identify what each does when you a see a certain color or formatting and this link breaks down what each color means.

  • Customize Formula Data: Data inputs generate linearish formula values, which are fully customizable as needed... or if you're good with the linearish formula values then you don't need to do anything and those formula values will flow right to the "Financial Reports".

  • Data Entry Made Simple: If you can input data into a spreadsheet, you can use the REIF Model. Here is how we make data entry easy.

  • FAQ: About the Model, Excel Questions, Model Usage

  • Find Model Help: If you have questions on how to use the REIF Model or having issues figuring out how to generate the output you want, here is a list of places to get answers.

  • Key Data Summary: Consolidated metrics with data visualization allows for fast, comprehensive analysis to make a sound investment decision in 15-minutes.

  • Help While You Model Build: Notes, Data Restrictions, Dynamic Inputs: REIF has set up various items in the model to assist you as you build it out.

  • "How To" Tab: This tab/worksheet is in the model (red color; first tab) and walks you through all aspects of building your model.

  • REIF Metrics and Reports: A detailed list and description of the metrics and reports REIF provides in the model.

  • Visualize Data Through Target Metrics and Conditional Formatting: Create data visualization through color changing cells (i.e. conditional formatting) based on the value outputs relative to target metrics.

  • Where to Start Your REIF Model: Key places to begin inputting your data - the starting points and perhaps all you need to build your model as our calculations will do the rest.

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